Saturday, December 8, 2007

War, Rumors of War, CIA Destruction of Torture Videos

War is a terrible thing. Soldiers die. Civilians die. There is enemy fire. There is friendly fire. In the name of Country, Deity, freedom, or whatever, awful things happen throughout all wars and all times. There are spies. There are double agents. War is nasty business. It will always be nasty, hateful business. War will always be around. One cannot be nice when one is fighting a war. Period.

Jelly spends time thinking about the "war in heaven" and often wonders how many more of the 'hosts' would have fallen had the war gone on longer. The Bible says that one third of the host fell. It was a war. There were fence sitters. There were double agents. Jelly often wonders if some of the awful people who have walked on this Earth would have fallen given a longer war. Would there have been a Hitler, Stalin, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc.? Jelly's just saying ... think about it.

Jelly has been following the press coverage surrounding the alleged CIA destruction of hundreds of hours of interrogation of top Al Qaeda. After 9-11 attacks, Americans (by and large) clamored for action. It's interesting to track the change of heart many Americans have had as the war in Iraq has continued and American forces and operatives have done all they can to help protect America.

Freedom comes at a price. It always has. It always will. Americans need to ask themselves how important is freedom? Jelly does not want legislation interfering with ensuring the safety and freedom of Americans. Yes, this is a provocative statement. When push comes to shove, and it's an American life versus any other, Jelly chooses to protect the American life. If no lives need be at stake, even better; however, the world in which we live makes that unlikely. Jelly says - do not handicap law enforcement, FBI, CIA, military efforts, or even those of Blackwater or other mercenaries that are engaged in protecting American interests.

America is under attack even from within. This week a troubled youth in Omaha decided to become infamous and put a shopping mall under attack. Last year a trouble youth decided to go down in history by attacking Virginia Tech. Shortly thereafter a man began to shoot up Trolley Square in Salt Lake City. What's Jelly's point? Americans cannot be passive. Americans must be proactive in protecting themselves and our freedoms. Americans need to understand that we are not safe here and terrorism is not our only threat. Americans need to understand that sometimes distasteful things must happen and we should be grateful that there are men and women willing to see it through - to do what is needed.

Jelly says - understand that you are not safe. Do not expect anyone else to make you safe. Ask yourself what you will do when you are presented with a threatening situation. Will you hide in a bathroom or clothes rack? Will you use your body as a barricade against a door while others make their escape? If you had been in the WTC, Pentagon, or that plane forced down in PA on 9-11, what would have been doing?

Freedom is not for the feint of heart. It takes courage to stand for what is right. It takes a stout heart to be willing to die for what one believes. Jelly asks you - what are you willing to do to protect your family? What would you do in one of these terrible situations that have faced Americans? Will you hide? Or will you fight?

Jelly will not sacrifice any rights in the name of safety. Jelly says that Americans should be gathering their arms not sacrificing them. If Americans give up their right to bear arms and their arms, then only the criminals and terrorists will be armed. Jelly will fight and protect those who need it. Jelly knows that courage does not mean there is no fear but rather that one is willing to act despite the fear.

Stand up America! Jelly says - it's time to stop being a pussy.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Election, election, election day's a-comin! Will you be ready?

Jelly cannot help it - election day is in the forefront of thought. On the Right - there is Mitt Romney and his Mormonism OR Mike Huckabee who just happens to be an ordained Southern Baptist Minister. On the left - there is Barack Obama and his Muslim faith, or is that his Christian faith (who knows at this point?) OR Hillary Clinton who just happens to be the reverse cuckold of a well-known, philandering, adulterous ex-President and is now pointing out that the Christians supported her through the Monica Lewinsky situation - ok, alright ... what is there to say after that? (Jelly wonders if anyone else remembers the days Old Hillary tried to convince us that she was the 'co-president.')

Now, Jelly realizes that there are still a lot of political jockeys on the track for both the Left and the Right. And one day, perhaps Jelly will feel motivated to comment on some of those jockeys. For today's exercise though, Jelly is choosing to just think about Mitt Romney (Mr. Mormon); Mike Huckabee (Mr. Southern Baptist); Barack Obama (Mr. Mustian (Muslim/Christian)); and Hillary Clinton (Ms. "really I was Bill's co-President!).

In any case, Jelly thinks that no matter what political jockeys get plugged into your algorithm the question on Jelly's mind is ... "Will this be the election that puts the or an Anti-Christ into the White House?" Jelly knows that there are some who speculate that Mr. GB, Jr. is that entity but Jelly is not buying that. Yet others believe the Pope is the anti-christ. Jelly thinks - probably not. Jerry Falwell seemed convinced that the anti-christ is a Jewish male. Jelly does not agree.

Jelly does not know who or what the anti-christ will be. Jelly is using this forum to help illustrate the 'thin veneer' mentioned in the Live and Let Live post given a few e-mail exchanges over that posting. Jelly suggests you read this blog as it does a great job of poking fun at the different candidates as they vie to prove to Americans at large that "He or She is the Christian Candidate" - Jelly especially loves the "Annie Get Your Gun" nod ... well played.

Here's what confuses Jelly: Why isn't the Mustian and the Southern Baptist under more fire than the Mormon? It seems to Jelly that given the situation with the Middle East and the religious right extremism and intolerance in America that the Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee deserve a deeper scrutiny.

Jelly wants to know what you think - speak out ... share with the class. (You know you wnat to.)

All tongue-in-cheek aside, Jelly has questions regarding these candidates:

Mitt Romney:
What possesses this guy to seek the White House? What is the real motivation for his run? Also, while Mitt gives lip service to his Mormonism, Jelly wonders ... how committed is he to it? Does he attend the temple, e.g.? Is Mitt's candidacy due to vanity? Jelly really wonders about the motivations.

Theory: Mitt Romney's days are numbered. I suspect Mr. Mormon will not last too much longer given the chatter surrounding his recent politics/religion speech.

Mike Huckabee:
Mr. Southern Baptist is now pulling ahead and is rumored to have a 22 point lead over Mitt Romney. Jelly thinks one could conclude that Mitt Romney's Religion Speech now being compared to John F. Kennedy's (JFK) speech has backfired on him.

Jelly does not care why Mike Huckabee wants to be President. Jelly will not vote for any Christian Fundamentalist or Religious Zealot. Intolerance - not acceptable. Extremism - not acceptable. Mike Huckabee is scary and yet he is gaining ground. Jelly says, "step away from the jockey, put down the Jesus-Crazy juice, and just say no."

Jelly thinks - a Mormon in the White House would be better than a religious right zealot ala Pat Robertson, Tim LeHaye and/or Ken Hutcherson.

Barack Obama:
Jelly thinks Barack is in denial about his ability to effectively solve America's problems. Why has Oprah endorsed Obama? Really ... seriously ... why? Jelly is not convinced that this man really wants this job. Jelly is not convinced that this man can handle this job.

Hillary Clinton:
Jelly does not think anyone can be surprised by Hillary's attempt to be President. Jelly is convinced that Hillary has been frustrated most of her married life by Bill's charisma, charm, and good-ole-boy Southern charm. Hillary comes across as mean. Hillary comes across as bitchy. Jelly thinks that Hillary will finally divorce that philandering, adulterous Bill should she fail to get into the White House. Jelly thinks she's kept Bill around to grease the wheels as she makes her run at the Commander-in-Chief job.

Jelly is not convinced that Hillary can pull off the Democratic nomination. At best, Jelly suspects, she'd get the VeeP nod but even then - Jelly suspects Hill would pass on that. In any case, Jelly agrees with the 'enough already' mentality in this - please ... would all the Bushes and Clintons stay the hell home, thinks Jelly!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Live and Let Live

Why is it that others seem to think that whatever it is that they believe ... everyone should believe?

Jelly finds it interesting that even Americans find it hard to Live and Let Live. America - land of the free. America - home of the brave. America - the land of opportunity. (Almost makes Jelly's heart swell to say those words.)

Another thing Jelly finds fascinating is that it's the religious right that seems to be driving so much of the intolerance 'everyone should have the same belief mentality.' Jelly thinks that all human beings have agency and brains. Jelly thinks that no one should dictate their belief system on others. Jelly thinks - Live and Let Live. Jelly says to the religious right and zealots world-wide ... You are not your brother's keeper. You are not Jelly's keeper. Just try to tell Jelly what to think or believe - see what happens.

Since the religious right is becoming more and more forceful in its attempts to dictate to humanity at large what we may watch (see Case Study A); who we may marry (See Case Study B); and are intolerant of non-religious right Presidential Candidates (See Case Study C); Jelly thinks that we could be closer to a religious civil war than many Americans realize as the religious right and zealots attempt to restrict our freedoms. Jelly wonders how thin the veneer is that keeps chaos at bay. (Jelly will save Jelly's thoughts regarding all the blood shed throughout America's history to ensure those freedoms for another discussion.)

Here's the net-net:

  • If Jelly wants to praise Allah - so what.
  • If Jelly wants to worship God - big deal.
  • If Jelly wants to follow the Pope - why not?
  • If Jelly wants to worship pagan Gods or Goddesses - who are you to tell Jelly not in America?
  • If Jelly wants to praise the almighty Chihuahua - why do you care?
  • If Jelly wants to marry a Jelly-2 - how does that hurt you?
  • If Jelly doesn't want to "Pledge Allegiance" or put the hand over the heart - that doesn't make Jelly unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief
  • If Jelly doesn't want to stand for the National Anthem - cut Jelly a break - you have no idea what the rationale is behind that especially if the person singing ought not to be singing - watch the video below. You'll understand then ...
  • If you keep shoving your beliefs on Jelly, Jelly will start pushing back ... trust Jelly ... you don't want to see that

Jelly wants to know - speak out ... what beliefs are being pushed on you or America that just irk the ever-loving hell outta ya? Come on ... share with the class. (you know you want to...)

In a later post - Jelly will tell you why Borat should be our next Commander-In-Chief. Seriously, is that any less ridiculous than many of the political jockeys attempting to secure that role?!

Case Study A:
Jelly has never heard of "The Golden Compass," that is, until the religious right came out against the movie. Jelly has never read any of the books. Now that there is so much controversy around the movie, Jelly is curious ... have you been following this? Checkout these reports:

  • Michael Foust: The Baptist Press
  • - has readers who advocate - sure ban the books but then you should ban The Bible too - if you read only one - read this one

Case Study B:
Jelly wonders why the religious right is so afraid of gay rights and gay marriage. The religious right is welcome to marry whomever they want and procreate until the cows come home. (Don't even get Jelly started on whether or not those procreating ought to be allowed to procreate ... there ought to be testing and licensing ... Jelly's just saying ...)

Jelly wonders why 'the church' thinks it can dictate to 'the state' ... hello, Constitutional rights ... perhaps the government should not give 'the church' the many breaks it enjoys today, Jelly thinks. Check out some of these beauties:

  • Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas is trying to decide whether or not to include homosexual members as couples in church pictorial directory
    • Jelly tells these couples ... if the church is taking your tithes, hell yeah you should be included as couples. Jelly wonders though - if this is how the church feels about your marriage, then why do you worship here?
  • Jelly loves this one: If a person can be born as the wrong sex, can a person be born of the wrong race. Nice ... not. (Note that the BaptistPress site is a bit unpredictable. It may error out when you try to access it.) This column also delves into why homosexuals are intolerant of bestiality and pedophilia when the sexuality is not anchored in The Bible.
    • Jelly can't help but wonder ... since The Bible has rape, incest, adultery, etc. why is this book the moral compass for the religious right? Any reader easily gleans the racy, bodice-ripping content of the Old Testament thinks Jelly.
  • Jelly agrees with the on this gem - Evangelical Preacher Plots to takeover Microsoft due to their "Homosexual Agenda" ... you just can't make this stuff up ... amazing!

Case Study C:
Jelly received an interesting e-mail from several acquaintances. Perhaps you've received at least one forward of this little beauty. The photo is a shot from showing several candidates standing during the National Anthem at Tom Harkin's Steak Fry with the following text:

Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.

Barack Hussein Obama's photo (that's his real name)......the article said he REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief????

First thought Jelly had was - wow ... it sure did take a long time for this to start getting to Jelly. (Event and photo were shot on 9/16/2007).

For fun, Jelly says - take a look at:

Jelly says - take a look at the video since a picture is only worth 1000 words and a video is worth at least 10,000 words! Here's the link. Jelly wants to know - who the hell is the poor woman caterwauling through that National Anthem? Jelly believes that Obama has his hands clasped in front of him to keep from putting his fingers in his ears. As Jelly watched the video, Jelly thought that the other candidates seemed oblivious to the off-key, over-the-top whacky rendition of our National Anthem. Jelly wonders why someone didn't pull the plug on that singer's microphone. Blimey - how the hell did she get the gig to sing the National Anthem?! Why hasn't her family clued her into the fact that her singing in public is an embarrassment to the whole family? Jelly is convinced that she was attempting to channel Marvin Gaye. Jelly says she failed. Jelly almost prefers the Roseanne Barr's version - ok, yes, Roseanne totally kicks this other singer's ass!

In a future post, Jelly will speculate as to how long it's gonna take for the religious right to come hard after Mitt Romney. That boy and his Mormonism has a big, old, flashy bulls-eye on his back. Jelly noticed that is already aligning anti-Mormonism rhetoric out on their website as they talk about what Mormons believe versus what a true Christian believes. Jelly says - perhaps some of the folks ought to remove the log from their eye before they cast stones on poor old Mitt Romney and his little Mormonism thing. For fun, Jelly suggests this as an interesting read.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bad Santa Instant Messenger BOT

Jelly wants to know - did any of you catch the Bad Santa bot in action? Check out this article - how crazy is this? Jelly has heard many speculate that perhaps this was tested by an outsourced, non-American company that missed some cultural nuances. Whatever the case, Jelly is dying to know ... who tested this? How was it tested? Jelly would love to see the test plan and test cases that supported this project. From the article - here's Jelly's favorite part:

El Reg says: pizza (pi)

Santa says: Yum! What do you want for Christmas, El Reg?

El Reg says: Maybe you shouldn't eat so much! You are quite large!

Santa says: My elves will get right on that. And what else are you wishing for this year, El Reg?

El Reg says: Maybe you shouldn't eat it?

Santa says: See if you can get someone else to eat it!

El Reg says: Eat it

Santa says: No thank you. I don't eat things!

El Reg says: Eat it

Santa says: See if you can get someone else to eat it!

El Reg says: Eat it

Santa says: You want me to eat what?!? It's fun to talk about oral sex, but I want to chat about something else...

El Reg says: You dirty bastard!

Santa says: I think you're dirty bastard.

This coming from the service that banned the surname Woodcock as an ID.

Jelly says - if you haven't read the article, go do it now. Then, share with the class ... what do you think?

Have you ever noticed ...

Have you ever noticed similarities of your workplace to the "Dilbert" office ... or, even Dunder-Mifflin? Why is it that many of us - across all walks of careers, in so many different career fields - can relate to Dilbert and The Office? Have you ever noticed how ridiculous your work is sometimes? Or - what about your boss? Is s/he a dumbass? Or, is s/he a visionary? How can you tell the difference? Jelly wants to know. Hell, we all want to know. What's it like where you work. What kind of a boss do you have?

These are just a few of the questions on Jelly's mind tonight. Why CallMeJelly? I work in a predominantly male field at a large "Peanut Butter" factory (PBF) that is trying hard to 'be' or 'appear' diverse yet one often wonders whether or not diversity will ever truly be achieved. (When you look at the executive leadership of the PBF, it's really hard to find more than token women or even minority types in major leadership positions - that's all I'm saying. Sure - PBF put a 'senior' woman in to run HR but the big division leadership positions are not nearly as diversified as they should be, imho.)

These questions have been on Jelly's mind for some time. In fact, Jelly is beginning to think the Kool-Aid injection is wearing off as Jelly navigates the treacherous waters at PBF. There was a time when Jelly thought PBF was the greatest thing to ever complement sliced bread. Now, Jelly looks around and thinks PBF is poised to implode as Jelly watches great talent attrit or on the verge of attrition while the 'fruitcake' maintains power or gains power. Why does it seem that mediocrity and often lack of good results profits? Jelly hears that this is not isolated to the PBF either. Some have speculated to Jelly that it's easier to get rid of a Milk Dud via promotion versus tackling the performance issues head on - reduces risks. Jelly wonders - is the damaged caused costing more than a payout due to the alledged risk? Jelly's just saying ... maybe in the long run PBF and other companies pay more with this model versus a potential 'settlement.'

Jelly has wondered over the last number of months whether it would make sense to seek out greener pastures. As Jelly has talked to many folks across PBF, it has been nearly impossible to find anyone who thinks they have a great gig in a great group. In fact, Jelly hears things like:
  • Don't come to my group. We are in the process of our 3rd or 4th reorganization in 6 to 8 months. It's a mess!
  • Our group is completely broken. Those who can get jobs outta here are doing it. You'd be a sucker to join us, Jelly.
  • Wow, Jelly, I have zero confidence in my management chain. They just don't get it and they just don't listen to those in the trenches with the most knowledge and domain expertise. Our project is destined for the FUBAR hall of fame. You'd be crazy to look at our group.
  • Hey - you're thinking about finding greener pastures? Me too! Tell me if you find anything good, Jelly!
  • Jelly, our group has one of the lowest Organizational Health Indices (OHI) at PBF. In fact, the Executive leadership cherry-picked managers out of the group as being responsible for the OHI problems. Funny thing that ... the folks that should have gotten the boot (especially our General Manager) are still in play here. I wonder if they'll get the boot if OHI doesn't improve or will the new leaders coming in take the fall.

Come on - share with the class . . . tell us about your boss. Tell us what things are like where you work.

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